Friday, January 20, 2006

Ginger and Tojo

Tojo (Checkered Giant) and Ginger (Lop) are two of our five rabbit friends. Both are Heartland bunnies, and are also known as The Twinkies, or Mr. and Mrs. Humpy.

Tojo was here as a foster child, and although we didn't know it, Ginger had chosen him as her sweetie. It was purely by accident that I discovered this.

One evening I took Tojo upstairs to run without checking first to see that Ginger was downstairs. Before I knew it, she chased him down the hall and into the corner of the bathroom! I rushed after them, sure that they were going to fight, and found them snuggled tight against each other. Ginger looked up at me with all the expression in the world - and what she said was "Mom, I love you, but you are really dense. This is MY man.

They are twin spirits, and egg each other on to create mischief.

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Blogger Heartland said...

He is so handsome and she is so lovely. Like Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. If I remember correctly Lombard was a spit fire, quite outspoken. Gable had charisma deluxe. Fits your two in the living room I think.

I've heard they are talented in decorating. Is that true?


10:06 AM  

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