Monday, January 23, 2006

Toby is the Grand Poobah of our household (five rabbits, two humans, four guinea pigs). He's a big guy, and as gentle as he can be, but he doesn't put up with guff from anyone. He's a little old man now, with bony butt and arthritis, but still holds alpha place with dignity.

Eating is very high on his list of favorite things to do, and early on he mastered the fine points of running to the fridge for treats. When we opened the fridge, he stood up on the edge of the crisper to help us select it. If we got it wrong, he would shake his head to let us know (BAD mom!). If we got it right, he would grab it and run into his room to eat it, and we felt very smart to have chosen well (GOOD mom!). It's harder for him to stand at the crisper now, but that's okay 'cause we are very well trained.

Until a few months ago, he presided over a harem of two - Cecilia and Cleopatra crossed the rainbow bridge within three months of each other. They were all best of friends, and we know he misses them, but he's the Poobah, and takes that responsibility very seriously. Every day he's here is a gift to us.

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Blogger Heartland said...

Toby does the same things with produce as we do....or is it that we do the same things he does? We assess the selection in the produce department (Toby makes his assessment of the vegetable drawer), wrinkle up the nose and shake our head in disapproval (Toby shakes his head in disapproval) OR if we approve - grab it and run to the check out (Toby grabs it and runs to his hide out).
Note: We may not receive a thank you from our children (such as licking of the hand or happy dance around our feet) but our produce man doesn't receive a thank you from us either. He just figures we approve of his offerings because they disappear.

Unfortunately the human's veggie hunting can be hampered by availability. Toby happily grabbing and running is so cute. But so is the head shake. Coming home with "the best we could find" didn't impressed Caesar either.


6:54 AM  
Blogger Jan said...

Every bunny should have a mom like you!

8:42 PM  

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