Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bunny Love

I adopted Velvet in August as a companion to my adorable bunny Gabe. Things were a little stressful at first while she settled into her new home. Gabe was totally fascinated by her (he wouldn't leave her alone) and she tolerated him. Now the two of them play high speed follow the bunny, my binky is better than your binky, and you be the lookout while I get into the cabinets. She and Gabe spend the majority of their time napping, grooming, or playing together. Velvet is now a precious part of our family. Although I have taken a back seat to Velvet, it has been worth it to watch their relationship blossom.

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Blogger Megan said...

They're such a cute couple! Thanks for posting their story! I know the dynamic is different with a bonded pair. I had a single bunny for five years and adopted T after my first bunny passed on. T used to follow me around and was always in the same room as I was. He used to sit across the living room and just watch me when I was working on the computer. Now that Dude has joined our family, I have to hunt them down. They're always together, so I've taken a backseat to Dude, but I'm glad they have each other when I'm at work and school. They like to dream up trouble together, although Dude is the one who is usually persuaded to act on it while T watches, because he's still a mama's boy. :)

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