Friday, November 17, 2006

"Take Your Bunny to Work" Day!

Ok, so there isn't really a "Take Your Bunny to Work" day, but I did it anyway, because, really, there should be one. As you can see in the evidence below, T had a blast exploring the chairs and everybody's work areas, although Dude was a little mad at me for interrupting his naptime.

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Elizabeth Disapproves...

...of being objectified in such a manner.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Some Bunnies Love That Smell

Nothing excites Federico like the smell of dirt freshly dug. (Most gardeners can relate) This community hole had been improved on repeatedly and Federico wanted to add some of his ideas. We had to fill in this hole after his work. The thought of having to go under the foundation of the warren to retrieve a bunny didn't appeal to us.

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So....what do I do with this?

I thought the grass mats were perfect for covering a wet lawn and keeping a bunny's feet dry but Shoebox didn't see it that way. He did however, think it might make a good cave. But finally decided it was for chewing enjoyment.

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Christmas Photo Session

The Dotys' good friends, the Calverts, offered their Christmas showroom to Heartland for shooting Christmas card pictures. The bunnies were on their best behavior and Jeanette got perfect pictures. (My camera's red eye reduction feature isn't working. The other pictures taken with Jeanette's camera are lovely.)It was a lot of work but well worth it. The Christmas cards are gorgeous! Much thanks to the Calverts for their kindness in letting us take over their showroom one afternoon. If you would like to see how beautiful a job Jeanette and the bunnies did please come out to visit us at the Christmas crafts festival Nov. 24 & 25 where our cards will be for sale. Details are on our website. Or just order from us online.

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Bunny love?.....Maybe

We have been trying for some time to pair Haley with someone. She is so needy and wants a companion so badly. We had tried all of the available boys in the warren and they were mostly just frustrated with her. She was too needy in their opinion - wanting to snuggle all the time and have the boys groom her. We had overlooked one of the lops, Boomer, because he is such a grump. We just didn't think he would be interested. Well, he was interested. He was very interested. Boomer liked her immediately and wanted to snuggle right away. Haley played hard to get, pretending to be unaware of his interest in her. It didn't take very long for her to acknowlege his presence though. The bonding process is coming along and in time we believe the two will be a couple. This taught us to look beyond the rough exterior of a 'grump' - there might be a Prince Charming under there.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Puzzle of the Month - November

Check out our Puzzle of the Month for November! Each month we will feature a new bunny puzzle to solve on JigZone. Have fun!

JoeyPuzzle Jigsaw Puzzle