Friday, March 30, 2007

A Visit from Germany

In late February, the Heartland bunnies had visitors from overseas. My very best friends Frank and Anja visited from Germany, and, since they are "bunny people" themselves, of course, I was looking forward to introducing them to the adorable bunnies and wonderful people at Heartland who have so generously opened their home and hearts to me. Anja and Frank felt right at home and loved it so much that we visited Heartland even twice. After meeting and petting the bunnies in the South Warren, Anja and Frank went right to work: over 20 bunnies got to play outside, nails were being trimmed and furs groomed extensively. Especially FunBun had had a few bad hair weeks and looked like a completely different bunny once Anja was done with him...

Meanwhile, Frank fell in love with one bunny in particular: if transportation was easier, Nester would be living in Germany now...

While Frank decided to sponsor Nester, quiet little Dustin schmoozed up to Anja and told her he wouldn´t mind going home with her. Although, unfortunately, she couldn´t take him, she made sure he would be neutered soon so he could be adopted into an equally good home, possibly with a little bunny girl-friend.

Both also took a special liking to Flora and were fascinated by her beautiful long ears. Flora enjoyed the attention tremendously and was as sweet and gentle as a little lamb... Amazing!

At the end of both days, everybody was exhausted, but very happy, and we all hope for another visit next year.

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Anonymous Grandmother said...

Wow, the bunnies were all different but beautiful in and of themselves.

I had a tan bunny that eventually disappeared from her pen in the night. I forgot to lock her in her hutch as I usually did. Her name was Frisky and many grandchildren enjoyed touching and carrying her when they came.


2:02 PM  

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