Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Heartland Rabbit Rescue proudly presents the adoptable bunny of the month ... (drumroll)...


His sparkling dark eyes and long eyelashes are just a couple of the many charms that Allen boosts. You can't help but reach out and stroke his beautiful frost colored fur. He loves being petted and goes flat as a pancake at the slightest indication of a backrub in his future. Given his softer side, he's also a lively boy who's interested in everything that is going on around him and loves his playtime. In the play yard, if one of the other bunnies does a leap through the air, he will respond in kind. Joy is contagious and he's not shy in passing it on. His ears are often cocked, one forward and one facing back, so that he doesn't miss anything. Allen is a happy adventurous guy who knows how to have a good time. If you happen to look at life through rose colored glasses, too, then Allen would like to visit with you!

As you will see, Allen LOVES to investigate empty baskets, wooden bridges ...



Anonymous Cassi said...

a wonderful organization you are! And what an adorable rabbit. Hopefully, someone will adopt him soon!


9:22 PM  

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