Saturday, December 15, 2007

3 Bunnies and 800 Miles

"Not long ago, our people decided to move to Denver. Do you know how far that is? Well, we didn't but we do now! It's 800 miles and one very long day!

My sister and I flew an even greater distance from sunny California to Oklahoma and that was on a plane. Although it was a shorter trip time wise, I do believe I enjoyed the car trip more. However, Gandalf spent the entire time in the bathroom. I know he feels safe in the litter box, but come on! It's a girl's job to hog the bathroom! Shadow and I couldn't budge him! Silly man.

Our people did their best to make us comfortable. We traveled in a children's playpen which was quite roomy for us three bunnies. Mom took pictures but they didn't turn out. That's okay with us, that isn't our best memory anyway.

When we finally arrived in Denver, we were all bundled into our carrier and rushed inside.It's really rather cold at midnight in the Mile High City!
Before we knew it, our people had a nice area set up for us. It looked like home and even had our favorite cardboard box!
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That's our hubby Gandalf, he's a pretty handsome fellow.

After we had a little time to settle in we ate our nightly salad just like at home. As you can see for yourself, my sister and I chowed down even after Gandalf had had his fill.
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We stayed in the hotel for three days. Just as we got settled in, we moved into our new, more permanent house. That was a whole new adventure. But it's time for our salad so I must go."-Sable Hayes

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Blogger Heartland said...

Sable, you all look so shiny and gorgeous/handsome.Your mom and dad thought of everything and made your trip fun. I heard how you thanked each of them with a kiss on the forehead. What a sweet thing to do. Congratulations on finding a great new home. We are very happy for all of you. Thank you for posting the pictures. We love them!

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