Friday, April 20, 2007

Mary's Art

The other day I tried to change a bunny’s mind. I know better than to try that, it doesn’t work, ever. Andrea had brought Mary a nice cardboard box and cut an igloo opening in it. However, Mary didn’t want it upright. She wanted it upside down. I found her sitting in it and chewing on it. I thought she was just going to pee in it. I kept putting it upright. And Mary kept putting it back. I finally gave up and forgot about it. The next day I went through with my usual duties, feeding and watering. I once again turned Mary’s box upright, thinking that this time I would win the battle (no I didn’t). That is when I saw the image.

I laughed and laughed. She had made an image of a bunny! Believe me I had nothing to do with this. It was entirely Mary’s work! Whether it was a self portrait or maybe just the little pudgy Dutch boy across the aisle, it was a good job. We think we need to round up some more boxes for her to express herself.

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Blogger Andrea said...

She is such a smart bunny!!!!! We should really give her some canvas and a paint-brush...

4:17 PM  

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