Monday, April 02, 2007

All Packed and Nowhere to Go

So, a scary thing happened on Friday...a few minutes after I walked in the door of my apartment after getting home from work, tornado sirens began sounding in Norman. That's right, in Norman! Now, at first I didn't hear them, which of course, is great and especially helpful if a tornado was heading my way. Jeannie called my cell phone and left a message telling me that the sirens were supposed to be going off. I opened the sliding glass door to my balcony and strained to hear over the rain and traffic, and guess what, the sirens were actually sounding faintly in the distance.

So, now I'm starting to feel a little panic. I turned the T.V. on to listen to the report while I had to convince my boys to listen to me for the first time in their lives. T came right out when I bribed him with raisins. So, I sccoped him up and put him on the bed. Dude was not about to come out from under the bed. So I poked and prodded him until he was mad enough to thump and run out from under the bed and hide under the bedside table, where I was able to scoop him up, too. This scrambling for bunnies took place in probably under a minute. I put two t-shirts in the bottom of two luggage bags and put T in bag and Dude in the other. Here they are in their tornado traveling gear:

Once, they were in the bags, they were very well behaved. I opted for the luggage over their carriers, figuring that if I had to go anywhere quick, no one had to know I had bunnies in those bags. Of course, I have no idea where we would go. I live in a third floor apartment and there are no underground areas anywhere. We were all packed up with nowhere to go.

I made them sit in those bags for about half an hour, when the tornado warning expired. T didn't hold it against me, but Dude was a little miffed for the rest of the night. I think we'll have to practice our tornado drills from now on. Maybe one day I can say "Tornado!" and my boys will hop right into the bags.:) I wouldn't place any bets on that one, though.

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Blogger Andrea said...

Although a tornado warning is certainly nothing funny, I had to laugh out loud when I was reading your story. And the photo is just too cute! Dude already looks pretty disgruntled (he´s probably thinking "now she´s REALLY lost it..." hehe) while T´s look just seems like a big question mark: Momma???

7:02 PM  

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