Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Just Oatmeal?!

Just thought I'd share a cute story about "T"...

He was following me around last night which I assumed meant he wanted a snack because he parked himself in front of the food bowl. He likes to use Dude's bowl (which is bigger than he is) and Dude likes to use T's little bowl. Don't really understand it, but that's the way it is. Anyway, he was looking straight up at me with his ears sticking straight out waiting in anticipation, so I put a small handful of oatmeal in the bowl. He stuck his head way down in the bowl to see what was in there and promptly looked right back up at me as if to say, "Just oatmeal?! That's not what I wanted at all!" I told him, "Sorry, guy, you've had too much candy today already (he likes dehydrated papaya pieces)." He finally did eat it, although begrudgingly, while giving me the T "eye."



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