Monday, March 13, 2006

Carrot Face

This is Samson, one of Heartland's special needs bunnies. Samson has malocclusion, a misalignment of his teeth which prevents him taking bites of food such as carrots. We shred his carrots for him so he can enjoy treat time just as much as the others do. We were using paper plates to put the shredded carrots on but the plates weren't containing the carrot morsels very well. While trying to scoop them up Samson was scooting much of them off the plate and onto the floor. So this evening Megan gave him his carrot treats in his food dish. The dish is nice and deep making it a lot easier for him to corral the tasty treat. He was the first one to get his carrots and wasted no time getting at them. Megan finished handing out carrots to the others and walked back by Samson's cage. What she saw was an orange face with a very satisfied expression on it and she started laughing. She showed me and we were then both laughing. The deep sides of his dish kept the carrot contained for him. But his pressing in so determinedly for every bit gave him a bright orange stained muzzle. It was too cute to pass up and Megan grabbed the camera. I don't know who enjoyed treat time more tonight, Samson or us!


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Blogger Amber said...

That is too cute!

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