Sunday, June 29, 2008

I disapprove of Momma right now

So I am not too happy with Momma right now. Let me tell you all about what she did and then you all can get on to her for me. I have been shedding lots and lots. Great big gobs of hair. Momma has been brushing me and lint rolling me everyday for the last two weeks. She came home from work the other day and there were no poops anywhere and I seemed to be straining in my litter box. She picked me up and looked at my butt (how rude) and there was a wad of poop the size of her fist on my butt. I couldn't get my behind clean and I couldn't get anymore poops out. I also had a big chunk of something that seemed attached to me so Momma didn't want to tug on it. Momma cleaned my butt and then I made lots and lots of poop pellets everywhere. I felt so much better. Well, Momma woke up today and we had the same problem. She said the dreaded words "we are going to see Dr. Rachel"
Momma got me ready and off we went. Now I like to ride in the car A LOT and never get scared. I was munching my salad the whole way. I got to meet a dog at the vet that weighed 254lbs pounds. The man said he was an English Mastiff. The doggy came over and looked at me in the carrier and I of course, came to meet him. He gave me a big yucky lick through the bars and left slobber all over me. ( I hope I dont get cooties) Another dog came to look at me and the Mastiff puppy growled and snapped at the other dog. Then he lay down in front of my carrier. I think he was protecting me. The man he owned said he was like that with all little creatures. He was so nice.
The vet helper called us and we went to see Dr. Rachel. I love her lots. She calls me "honey" and "sugar" and gives me lots of kisses. She checked me all over. I had some yucky wax in one ear and she cleaned that out (hated it) and then she got to the booty. She told Momma that she was going to give me a "potty trail" and got out some scary clippers. She shaved my behind hair way down. See, it is because of my head tilt that I have trouble getting my butt and ears clean. She told Momma that my scent glands were very full and she cleaned those out. (hated that too) She looked at my teeth, in my ears and squeezed my belly kinda hard. She said I was doing my first big bunny shed and I had a lot of undercoat that needed to come off. She made the vet helper rub me and rub me and lots and lots of hair came out. The poor guy was sneezing when he was through.
Dr. Rachel declared me healthy. I weighed 2.5lbs on my first visit and now I weigh 3.12lbs. Dr. Rachel said I was looking good and that I was the best bunny patient she had ever had. She gave me another smooch and we left to go home and get salad. Momma said just salad tonight cuz Dr. Rachel said I need to go easy on the fruit. Too much banana may be part of my butt problem. That hurt my feelings a lot because banana is my favorite thing.
I am going to let Momma rub my head quite a bit for this ordeal. Can you please tell her that I really need some banana? That I don't like my ears cleaned and to never never never let someone shave my behind again? I would most appreciate it. I thumped at Momma when I came home and made a nice big pee on the carpet. That will teach her.

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Blogger Heartland said...

Oh Nemo, you poor, POOR baby! What an awful ordeal! And to have to have your butt shaved..... You are a brave one indeed! Please listen to your mom little one. She is very smart and she loves you very much. She will probably give you smaller pieces of banana for a while until you get your insides under control again. I am really glad the huge dog was a friendly one. That would have been a big scene in the lobby if your momma had to take him down.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Oh, little Nemo, what a horrible day you had! Good job, thumping and peeing on the carpet is a very effective means of disapproval :-) But you must understand, little one, that that ordeal was necessary to make you feel better and get all that poop off your butt.
Even though it was a bad day for you, I enjoyed your story immensely. Thanks for sharing, little cutie-pie. Now go and tell momma you would compromise for at least a sliver of banana ...

10:08 AM  
Blogger FrecklesandDeb said...

What a terrible, horrible, very bad day you had! Glad you're feeling better and your -- um -- condition has been taken care of! You gotta admit that it was a cool adventure with that really big dog protecting you! Way to go!

2:32 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

Poor Nemo! Well, I'm glad you're ok! At least you have a got a good story to tell out of it. ;)

6:43 AM  
Blogger Bunny Cove said...

Nemo you are an adorable rabbit and the exact replica of Buddy who is one of our 13 rabbits. Buddy also has problems with poopy butt he will only eat carrots and pellets.

9:53 AM  

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