Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bunny Ornaments

Our friends at the Bunny Store ( are starting their Third Annual Holiday Fundraiser! The last two fundraisers were great successes, and we are all hoping to be even more successful this year, because the folks at the Bunny Store are working with a new artist who is extremely talented and has expanded their ornament selection to include rabbits, dogs, cats, rats, birds, guinea pigs, horses and fish.

Check out (literally, hehe ..) these beautiful ornaments here:

Rabbits -
Dogs -
Cats -
Rats -
Guinea Pigs -
Horses -
Fish -

The Bunny Store will donate 10% per ornament sold to the rescue/shelter of your choice when you make a purchase. In order to nominate a rescue of your choice (uhm, Heartland, of course!!!! :-) ), all you need to do is fill in the name of the rescue/shelter in the "Annual Holiday Fundraiser" text box when you check out.

Please pass on the word, guys!!!

Thanks so much!! Let's go shopping, Christmas is right around the corner ...




Blogger Lindsay said...

Excellent! We had been wondering if The Bunny Store would do this again. We need one more ornament to round out our collection, one for each bunny.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Lindsay said...

Ordered ours today!

8:19 PM  

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