Saturday, August 23, 2008

Link to Leith Petwerks Inc. to help Heartland rabbits!

In 2008, Leith Petwerks Inc. has an exciting grant program designed to help organizations that educate the public, rescue, foster and find homes for rabbits! The method for choosing a $500 Grant Winner varies each quarter.

The third quarter installment is the simplest yet! Take just a moment to help out Heartland Rabbit Rescue!

  1. On your web page (personal, organizational or commercial) place a link to Leith Petwerks at Something like:

    Visit Leith Petwerks Inc! They are great bunny people, and are makers of the awesome Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo!

    The text must be meaningful and honest!

  2. Let them know about that link by completing the form on their webpage:
That's it! After September 30th, 2008 they will select one of the registered links AT RANDOM. If that link is on an organization's page, that organization wins the $500cash grant. If it's on a personal web page or commercial entity's web page, then the owner of that page who submitted the link gets to choose what non-profit rabbit rescue (Heartland Rabbit Rescue!) receives the $500 grant!

Create your link now and tell your friends!

Thanks for helping the rescue rabbits!

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