Sunday, August 31, 2008


This evening when I came home after spending an afternoon at Heartland (my very first visit and day as a volunteer, I pretty much did nothing today but meet each bunny and hand out carrots) I had to sit down and tell my bunnies all about it. I will let Mojo tell the rest of the story, she is better at telling mushy stuff than I am at saying it. Tango will preside to make sure it gets told right.

So mom came home this afternoon smelling like bunnies. I think she is cheating on us so I had to sniff her all over and look hard into her face. I showed some disapproval but I will let her scratch my head later I think.

Mom told us all about the buns at Heartland. She said she was so lucky that we picked her to live with cuz there are a lot of buns at Heartland that people should adopt. Big buns, little buns, feisty buns (mom loves the feisty ones), scardy buns and sick bunnies. They left big impressions on her heart. She was proud to meet Mr. Cooper and hope his eyes get to feeling better soon. Sprout was a cutie for sure and a champion despite his head tilt. Ben had a huge impact on mom and she will think of him every day. His little face struggling to breathe and eat the same time made mom cry on the way home.(She said he is her special bunny now and will be her sponsor bun along with Cooper) Hannah did as well. She said little angel Amelia was a snuggler deluxe and Huggie was a real crack up. (There might be a bunny in there somewhere under that fluff). Daisy sticks out in her mind as well. Something about that little sweet baby putting her face to the cage for a kiss. Momma said she smooched lots of them through the cages (she didnt want to be too forward on her first day and start grabbing up bunnies) she was passing out smooches left and right. Not too sure I like THAT very much.
She told us she really wanted to kiss and snuggle with Sweet Pea, who has hard time with people cuz she was mistreated. Who mistreats bunnies anyway? Missy gave big attitude but Mom snuck in a smooch anyway and Millie and Tavey cracked her up with their carrot excitement. Bunny Cole looks just like me. That's pretty cool, and Stewart gobbled up his shredded carrots with gusto. Had a little orange stain on his face.
Momma is going to start bugging her friends to give more to the bunnies. Times might be tough but there is always a little extra to share. She says maybe that rotten brat bunny Nemo upstairs will get a girl. (maybe Huggie or Amelia buns) but knowing Nemo he will pick the biggest bunny with the biggest attitude.
She also got to meet the guard donkeys. She liked that too. She said they could crunch a carrot in no time flat. I doubt they could beat me though. Momma is always telling us what wonderful people are there and how they love bunnies. I hope everyone will care about bunnies one day as much as they do.
Here's to Hazel, Barty and Hogan who left for the bridge before Mom could meet them. May they find peace and happiness forever.

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Blogger Rabbits' Guy said...

That is a good Mom you have there!

Bunny rescue work is T O U G H ....

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Oh, Christina, this is the sweetest thing! I had tears in my eyes reading it. How you remember all the names of the bunnies already; it's as if you had always been there.
The bunnies enjoyed your visit tremendously - and we humans did, too, and hope you'll come visit as often as your schedule allows! The bunnies just loooove your attention, and we're always happy to have a friend around!

Thanks so much for all you do!!! Nosie-kisses to your bunnies.


4:54 PM  
Blogger Lindsay said...

I can't tell you how much I hate that I can't go to Heartland but once or twice a year. 800 miles is a long way to go! But it makes me feel better knowing there are loving volunteers like yourself to contribute what I can't.
As someone who did have the pleasure of meeting Hogan and Barty, I can tell you first hand how wonderful they were. Barty was my special little guy.
Gosh dang people always make me cry when I come on here....

6:54 PM  

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