Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to Heartland!

Daniel and I passed out bags of hay for Christmas and they were a hit!

While there were still sounds of bags being chewed, tossed, and torn, a few of us went outside to play. Larry in particular had a great time!

Merry Christmas to all the bunnies and volunteers at Heartland!


Blogger Annette F. Tait said...

Hoppy Christmas from Arabella and Wesley xxx

wishing all the rabbits their forever home soon

10:01 PM  
Blogger Christina said...

A very Merry Christmas to you Lindsey. I know the bunnies really enjoyed their prizes you bought. Beans (Larry) is such a delight to watch play. He is such a silly loving bun.

12:20 AM  
Blogger Murph's mom said...

Thank you Lindsay and Daniel! It was so good to see you again. The bunnies absolutely loved the pear branches. What a treat! Your phone/video camera did a good job Lindsay! I wish we could have spent more time in the yard with bunnies but that wind was getting colder by the minute. But the laughter caused by Larry felt good and we didn't notice the cold so much. I didn't see what Athena was doing until I saw this video. She loves toys and is really rough on them. In fact she loves playing with paper of any kind. Busy little thing. Well, that's obvious isn't it. She has completely emptied the contents of her litter box all over her playpen and destroyed her shredded paper filled pillowcase. If we give her an empty feed sack she will play in the thing for hours. Since it's heavy duty it will last a little longer. Merry Christmas to you too, and please be extra careful driving home to Denver.

3:57 AM  
Blogger Layla said...

This is really cute, I love the running binky he does at 0:55 seconds... like a bunny version of Bruce Lee!

7:47 AM  

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