Sunday, August 08, 2010

Daily Exercises for Healthy Buns: Circles

Daily Exercises for Healthy Buns
presented by Goose

Exercise: Circles
Equipment Required: One person; semi-stationary preferred, but not required
Frequency: Twice daily, post breakfast and dinner
Techniques: Make sure to hum in synch with each hop for proper breathing
Cuteness Factor: High
Result: Extra treats


Blogger Murph's mom said...

Hey Goose! Nice footwork little buddy. Cuteness factor I'd say is off the charts!

12:37 PM  
Blogger Rabbits' Guy said...

What a talented bunny!

He'll go fast!

7:51 PM  
Blogger Lindsay said...

Thanks for the video, so cute!

4:42 PM  
Blogger Layla said...

That is adorable! Our little Bogart likes to make circles, but it is around the sofa & living room furniture, like a race track. I think here he's hypnotizing you with his cuteness. :)

9:16 AM  

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