Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thank You Heartland Rabbit Rescue!

Heartland Rabbit Rescue was kind enough (and very trusting (:) to allow me to contribute on the Bunny Blog. My family and I recently lost our pet rabbit, Snuffles aka Snuff. We were heartbroken and big ol' tuff guy dad blubbered like a baby. Snuff was our first rabbit and he showed us what wonderful pets rabbits can be. So, after the loss of Snuff it didn't take long to begin searching for another rabbit to be part of our family. We were truly blessed to find Heartland Rabbit Rescue. Heartland made the adoption process a wonderful experience. The care and love founder Jeannie Patterson and the volunteers show to rabbits is touching. Furthermore, this is an organization worthy of charitable support. I encourage anyone looking for a charitable work that focuses on responsible animal management meted out with compassion to consider a contribution to Heartland Rabbit Rescue.

Mr. Connery

To see more pics of Connery click here


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Blogger Megan said...

My first rabbit was a little mini-lop named Schmoo. I lost him last summer and was a wreck. I had him for about 5 years. Luckily, I too found out about Heartland shortly after and it really helped me come to terms with Schmoo's passing by helping the bunnies at the shelter. It wasn't long before I brought T home and a few months later, his adopted brother Dude. I love them just as much as Schmoo, although they're very different from him and each other. Each bunny has such a unique personality! Since having Schmoo and now T and Dude I can officially say I'm a "bunny person." Once you let a bunny into your life, you're hooked. I'm so excited for Connery and your family. I think you'll be a joy to each other. He was definitely loved at Heartland. Thank you for the wonderful post and we look forward to hearing much more about Connery and his new happy home!

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