Monday, August 20, 2007

Oklahoma Spring Haiku Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Maggie & Kipper and to T & Dude, now proud owners of brand new Bunny's Magic Dream Cottages as winners of the 24 Carrot Lane Spring Haiku Poetry Contest! Here are their winning entries:

Submitted by Diane, owned by Maggie & Kipper
Spring sprung, out comes sun.
Nuzzle, nose rubs, hop and run.
Love blooms…life is grand.

Submitted by Megan, owned by T & Dude
So sleepy, my boys...
Little flop, a puddle bun...
Sweet dreams, earth angels.

We hope you enjoy your cottages! Thanks to everyone who participated!

(Dude really loves his! He's nibbled most of the flowers in the window boxes since this picture was taken. Yum!)

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