Friday, July 10, 2009

Patch and Alice at play!

This is a little video I put together of Patch and Alice at play. The little treats I'm handing out are dried apple bits. As you can see Alice is the master of the back flop!


Blogger Heartland said...

Clay, I love this video. Have watched 3 times so far, and I'll be watching it anytime I need a smile. It is lovely! Is the music one of your compositions? I really like the music.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Christina said...

Oh gosh! I love this video. These bunnies look so happy and boy are they enjoying their treats! That makes my day!

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

I already commented on youtube. Love the body flonep!!!!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Gosh, that yard sale really did me in ... I meant body FLOP!

5:56 PM  
Blogger Lea Anne said...

What cuties! I love the way they run! And how do you convince them to leave you alone after one treat?? Mine demand at least three at a time!

6:12 PM  
Blogger Mr. Patch said...

Glad you all enjoyed the vid. The music is something I recorded for the video- it's definitely the music I hear in my head when I watch them play! Thanks! Lea Anne. Alice does tend to stay right next to me but sometimes she wanders off to find Patch!

8:11 PM  
Blogger Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Nothing cuter than a bunny flop! Sure sign of a happy, secure bunny. Loved it!

5:39 PM  
Blogger Rabbits' Guy said...

A couple of happy bunns there!

9:16 PM  
Blogger Layla said...

That video was so much fun! I love the play area you have set up for your bunnies. Is the paper on the carpet just for them to shred?

Thanks for sharing this!

2:57 PM  
Blogger Mr. Patch said...

@Layla Haha. Not originally! But I thought the bunnies were in such a creative state I allowed them to keep going with their paper craft. Most of that is Patch's handiwork!

12:30 PM  

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