Monday, November 29, 2010


All the bunnies are doing binkies in thanks to all of you who helped with our craft show--making items to sell,  buying items, donating items, and just plain being supportive!  It was a big success. Best of all were the kind comments made by shoppers about Heartland's work with the rabbits.
(...the kind of gift that also helps spread the message about Heartland and the rescue and care of bunnies...)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The November Craft Show....2010

Those that can't make it out to the fairgrounds might like to see what the Heartland booth looks like this year.
The left side of the Heartland booth.
The center and right side of the booth.
Today is the last day of the show, if you get the opportunity, come on out to the Cleveland County Fairgrounds (map) and visit....the show is open from 8am to 4pm.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

From all the bunnies at Heartland.....

"We wish you a nice quiet hiding place to curl up in today. Thank you everyone for loving us and supporting us all year long. You are the best!"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It was supposed to rain Thursday..... there was reluctance to get many of the bunnies outside at the same time. Rachel, Frank, Larry and Nester were placed out in the runs and each given the full length of the enclosure in which to run, dig, jump, play or lallygag. After a time the deep percussive sound of several helicopters was heard off in the distance and Jeanne took Nester and Rachel inside to reduce their fright. Frank and Larry were still out.....when from the west.....4 dual engined helicopters approached, flying fairly low. The sound was sort of spooky and Larry responded by going on heightened alert, running a little way then freezing and watching.

Frank, on the other hand responded by exhibiting a previously un-witnessed bunny move. The best example of a similar movement is that of a cat. If you have ever seen a cat go on alert when they see a squirrel or bird and they think they can maybe capture them then they will couch low and slink (the best word) forward......moving totally low to the ground and looking almost like they are on wheels, no up and down movement at all, just this smooth gliding progress.

Frank.....who is quite stand-offish and protesting strongly if you try to approach him......slinks just like a cat from the far end of his run over to the corner where I was standing and crouches there. It was astonishing both to see him move like that and to see him come toward a human because he apparently thought a human presence offered some safety from whatever it was that approached.

Frank is probably the bunny most adverse to human contact at the shelter (he and Magic)....yet....when scary stuff approached Frank jettisoned his anti-human stance and came right over. Interesting and suggestive that he holds more than one attitude about humans.

Apparently he decided better the human you know rather than the unknown scary thing....but....for him to see a human as a source of protection of some kind.....what a hoot.  He continued slinking for a bit after the helicopters were gone, long enough that Jeanne had returned and was able to see this really unusual way of moving.

This picture of Frank was taken before all the helicopter fuss. He decided a cinder block offered a place to hide but when the helicopters approached he abandoned that meager shelter quickly.
Frank, in his cinder-block house

Today was also interesting in that Marshall the mighty was given a shot a free-roaming (with an escort of course). The world had been wanting to see what he would do when he got the chance to be on his own in terms of where he went.

It was well worth the wait. Marshall is fast, make no mistake, he can haul bunny fur like lightning. And Marshall can dance, he is as light on his feet as he is fast. It could be easily seen that....once he oriented himself and realized that he was captain of his own ship....he was ecstatic. If you squinted your eyes and looked at him just the right way.....he was 10 feet tall and full of might.
Marshall, the majestic.

Majestic would not be too strong a word to describe his appearance.

It was quite a sight, these bunny folk give gifts again and again to those who are lucky enough to spend time with them.

Thank you Marshall (and Frank).

After his free-roam romp time, Marshall....who can be mister attitude....allowed himself to be picked right up with no running away, protesting or struggling and taken back to his living area.

What a day at Heartland Rabbit Rescue, the bunny place.

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

They're heeeere............

Bunny Bites, the new cookbook of meatless recipes from the Friends of Heartland Rabbit Rescue has arrived. All proceeds from the sale of these cookbooks will go to benefit the fabulous bunnies at Heartland Rabbit Rescue.
The book contains 120 animal friendly recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts and can be purchased for only $10 (plus tax and shipping).

The books are available now by ordering from For online orders, please visit the Bunny Bites page on our website.

They will also be available at Heartland's booth at the Christmas Craft Show at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds on November 26 and 27, 2010.

The cookbooks can also be purchased now at the Earth Natural Foods and Main Street Photo/Video in Norman.

By the way, Spice reviewed this cookbook and gave it her top rating of 5 carrots....when Marshall was given a copy to review...he wouldn't return his rating is currently unknown.

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