Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Celebration!

Christmas at the Hayes household was a sight to behold! Everyone had a great deal of fun!
Gandalf Christmas 2007
Years ago we got Gandalf his very own Christmas ornament. He was kind enough to pose for us!
Girls and ornament
This year, we got the ladies one. They will have to share this year but we'll get another next year. These are great keepsakes and a good way to make a small contribution to Heartland as the Bunny Store donated part of the sale of this ornament.
Fun Tree Skirt
Our tree shirt has always been a sparkly white fabric I found years ago at Hobby Lobby. It's also great fun for bunnies who thoroughly enjoy rearranging the fabric!
Christmas Presents
It's present time!!!
Bunnies Christmas 2007
These little boxes came with some not so healthy treats so we replaced them with a little dried fruit and the bunnies enjoyed a Christmas morning treat!
And there you have it! It was a quiet Christmas here in Denver where we reached a new snow fall record for Christmas day, 5 inches! Of course, we just watched the snow from inside our cozy home. Too cold for humans and bunnies (at least our tame bunnies) outside!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gettin' my Chews on...

My mama gives the best ear rubs ever! All I have to do is sidle up and sit down next to my mama and she'll rub my ears. I like to do this several times a day. Sometimes if I stare at her long enough, she'll rub my ears then, too. -T


Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Card Bloopers 2007

As always, T & Dude look forward to holiday photo time (can you hear the sarcasm?) After about 150 shots, we managed to get a few good ones to choose from, at the expense of everyone's patience. At first they were all over the place, and then they resumed their usual routine of T turning his back to the camera to groom himself and Dude sitting like a lump and glaring at the annoying flashy thing. Here are some Holiday Photo Shoot bloopers for you to enjoy...

And the final stage of the Holiday Photo Card annoyance and humiliation.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

3 Bunnies and 800 Miles

"Not long ago, our people decided to move to Denver. Do you know how far that is? Well, we didn't but we do now! It's 800 miles and one very long day!

My sister and I flew an even greater distance from sunny California to Oklahoma and that was on a plane. Although it was a shorter trip time wise, I do believe I enjoyed the car trip more. However, Gandalf spent the entire time in the bathroom. I know he feels safe in the litter box, but come on! It's a girl's job to hog the bathroom! Shadow and I couldn't budge him! Silly man.

Our people did their best to make us comfortable. We traveled in a children's playpen which was quite roomy for us three bunnies. Mom took pictures but they didn't turn out. That's okay with us, that isn't our best memory anyway.

When we finally arrived in Denver, we were all bundled into our carrier and rushed inside.It's really rather cold at midnight in the Mile High City!
Before we knew it, our people had a nice area set up for us. It looked like home and even had our favorite cardboard box!
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That's our hubby Gandalf, he's a pretty handsome fellow.

After we had a little time to settle in we ate our nightly salad just like at home. As you can see for yourself, my sister and I chowed down even after Gandalf had had his fill.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
We stayed in the hotel for three days. Just as we got settled in, we moved into our new, more permanent house. That was a whole new adventure. But it's time for our salad so I must go."-Sable Hayes

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Heartland Christmas Wish List

Just in time for the holidays, our rescued shelter bunnies have compiled and presented us with a Christmas Wish List, and we need your help to fulfill some of these wishes.

Number one on their list are wooden and willow toys. Millie, for example, LOVES this wooden bridge, which is available in most pet stores.

Wuschel and Isa hope for untreated willow baskets in all shapes and sizes, so that they don't always have to share theirs with all the other bunnies.

Great wicker and willow toys are available at online stores like,, and, to name but a few.

We bet their management is not aware of it, but PierOne also carries a line of great bunny toys, most notably the famed wicker ball for a dollar and a

So, if you shop the store for your loved ones, why not bring some Christmas joy to a bunny or two?

Specks, always the practical one, made sure that Woody Pet, the litter pellets from Atwoods, are on the Christmas list, too. Most of our litter trained bunnies place great value on us changing their litter frequently…

… which brings us to the next point on the list: litter boxes !!

Unfortunately, not every bunny has a litter box yet, which has already led to protest demonstrations (if I don't get a litter box, I’ll just use your veggie bowl!), and especially Hogan has identified a litter box as his number one wish this year.

Cuddle bunnies like Evie especially wish for gently used towels, blankets, or bedspreads to cuddle up in.

Are you still looking for a special Christmas gift for a loved one or a friend? Give the gift of a sponsorship for one of our needy bunnies.

Have you seen the wonderful bunny Christmas ornaments at the Bunny Store? For every ornament sold, the good folks donate a dollar to our Rescue. You simply need to put the name of our rescue, Heartland Rabbit Rescue, in the "Annual Holiday Fundraiser" textbox when checking out.

Last but definitely not least, our own wish this Christmas is that 2008 sees all of our bunnies happy and, most of all, HEALTHY. 2007 has left us with tremendous medical bills, and we are glad for any donation which allows us to build a new emergency vet fund.

We are grateful for your continued and loving support, which makes our rescue effort possible.


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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Simple Way to Help the Rabbits During Your Holiday Shopping!

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, so many of us are turning to the internet to conquer our holiday shopping lists. It's easy, convenient and almost every store we love to visit is on the world wide web. Even better, shopping online gives us an opportunity to contribute to our favorite charities with just a couple extra clicks and no extra cost!

This holiday season, please keep Heartland's homeless rabbits in mind while shopping online with these great charitable tips:
No explanation needed here… is a goliath of online shopping! If you plan on ordering some gifts from Amazon this year, please visit our site first, and use the link on our sidebar. Just one extra click and Heartland's rabbits will receive a donation of 4% of your total purchase price.
New this year, GoodShop is an addition to the popular charitable search engine, Simply visit their site, specify "Heartland Rabbit Rescue" as your charity and click on any of the store links on their site, including Barnes & Noble, Ebay, Target, Kohl's, Best Buy, Macy's, Old Navy, iTunes, Fandango, and so much more! Just use the links on the GoodShop website and the retailer will donate a percentage of your purchase price to help Heartland's rabbits. has over 680 online stores to choose from, including all your favorites! Visit their site, specify "Heartland Rabbit Rescue" as your charity and start shopping! By using the links on their site, the retailer donates a percentage of your purchase price to Heartland. It's that easy! As an added bonus, will donate an additional $5 to Heartland's rabbits the first time you use the site, so give it a try!

Just an extra click or two can go a long way to helping Heartland's rabbits in need this holiday season. With all three sites, you can help the rabbits with your holiday shopping with no additional cost to you, so please keep us in mind while you shop online this month and throughout the year!

We hope you all have a safe and Hoppy Holiday!

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