Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heartland bunnies featured in news story....

This morning, Wednesday - 3/23/2011, a reporter and cameraman from Channel 4 News here in the Oklahoma City area came out and shot some footage at Heartland...several volunteers are shown along with some of the exquisite Heartland bunnies. The coverage offered the opportunity to do a little advocating on behalf of all bunnies and to educate the public about bunnies as companions.

This is an important time of year to get the message out about adopting instead of buying bunnies (or other companion animals) because of the Easter holiday and the images of the Easter bunny and all such imagery.

It is not unusual for someone to purchase a baby bunny for a child (as an Easter present) then a short time later (especially when the hormones kick in) start trying to get someone to take the bunny off of their hands. These hopefully good intentioned purchases are often made in ignorance. Companion animals aren't toys, they are a big responsibility and require an enduring commitment. Getting the message out about the nature of bunnies and their needs is one way to try to derail impulsive and misguided behavior.

The news coverage did not tell the public the important information that bunnies or any other companion animal should never be purchased, rather always, if a companion animal is desired, they should be adopted from a shelter or rescue organization or facility. There are too many homeless animals facing possible death or having to live in a shelter without a family of their own...adopt, never buy.

A great big thanks to Jeanne and Brad Patterson for making Heartland Rabbit Rescue possible and more big thanks to the numerous volunteers who arranged the media coverage and pitched in to make this visit from the news folks go well. It is a great benefit to have such support.

Gwendolyn, Veronica, all the babies and even Marshall asked me to thank all these folks on their behalf too.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011


These are our sun-worshiping goddesses.

"Oh dahling, the sun. Eet is fahbulous."

"For me also dahling seester."

"Why must zee paparazzi always follow us?"