Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rabbit Awareness Week!

Rabbit Awareness week in the UK. Lets go ahead and make it world wide. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Murphy's Wheels

Once upon a time, there was a bun named Murphy. Murphy arrived at Heartland from a horrible breeding operation. This handsome bun had probably never been out of his little cage. His first week at Heartland, he and his brothers were allowed a lot of playtime and exercise. One day as Murphy was binkying with joy, he cried out. He had made a wrong move and injured his fragile and delicate spine. Was Murphy's life over? Oh no. Not even close. Murphy spent his days watching the sunrise and watching it set. He waited patiently for Heartland to raise the $300 dollars to buy his wheels. (A special cart for paralyzed buns) The money was raised, it was time to give Murphy his freedom to run but it wasn't meant to be. Murphy went across the bridge unexpectedly and never got the chance to try out his cart.

Murphy at the clinic.

Enter Roger. A beautiful young man found Roger trying to survive on his own, outdoors and paralyzed. This special young man took Roger in. He did everything he could to make Roger's life better and did. Heartland donated Murphy's wheels to Roger. Roger lived almost 4 years. He went across the bridge on March 14, 2011. I believe Murphy was watching the sunset for Roger's approach.

Roger (RIP)

Meet Jensen! Roger's dad adopted another disabled bun and the wheels are turning again.
Jensen is one lucky bun.

Did sweet Murphy know that his life would touch so many? What a wonderful and tragic circle life is sometimes. Keep on rolling Jensen! We are all so happy for you baby!