Saturday, June 09, 2012

Beat The Heat

Howard Mr. Wobbles Naughytrousers!
Binker Stinker has skills!

Hi Everybody!
A bit of time has passed since we blogged around Heartland. We hope all your buns are staying cool and doing great.

Summer is a dangerous time of year for rabbits. Summer insects and heat can kill us. A hutch in the shade is not COOL!. Heartland bunnies get to take advantage of the cool mornings but are brought back inside before the temps climb. Please bring those bunnies indoors and please make sure all your pets are kept cool and stocked with plenty of fresh water. Let us not lose any of our furry family to summer heat!

Heartland is having our annual garage sale, Saturday June 30th from 8am to 4ish. All proceeds go to the care and feeding of the bunnies. If you have anything you would like to donate please email us at

The address for the sale is 5801 N.W. 82nd Street, Oklahoma City. We would love to see you there. Thanks so much and remember to play it COOL this summer!