Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hope Warren's Backyard Guest

My rabbits graciously loaned their backyard for a month to a sweet pot belly pig that I named, Ezra. He was at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter for almost a month with no prospective adopters. When I saw this little guy on their website, I started doing research on pot belly pigs and found out there is one rescue in Oklahoma, which is called Hamalot Farms Pot Belly Pig Rescue located in Sand Springs ("Rescue"). I emailed the Rescue to see if they would be able to take him, but he was unneutered and the Rescue could not take the chance of him impregnating the sows at the Rescue that have not been spayed because of health reasons. I offered to get him neutered and foster him while he was recovering from his surgery if the Rescue would take him, and they accepted.

Ezra is a very sweet tempered boy that loves belly rubs. When my husband or I start rubbing his belly, he drops to his knees and flops on his side and he will lay there for hours enjoying the attention. He goes to bed at about 10 pm and very little wakes him except food. He sits for any food that I hand feed him. He thoroughly enjoys eating and you can hear it through his loud smacking as he savors every piece of squash, zucchni, cabbage, carrot, brocccoli, mango, watermelon, cantalope, startburst tomatoes..., which most would think is rude, but it is music to my ears. I will greatly miss him greeting me at the gate, licking my feet, and nudging me to pet him. I will feel comfort in knowing that he has a chance to find a forever home that will appreciate and love his uniqueness.