Monday, August 30, 2010

Mug Shots

These would be appropriate for a coffee mug. If you disturb a bunny's midday nap like a did a few minutes ago you will encounter grumpy mugs like some of these. Mind you this is risky business what I did. Some of us wear scars thanks to one of these dudes. And they all have attitude - well that's kind of obvious. But I couldn't believe what some of them in the warren have told the volunteers their names are: Fast Eddie, Lefty, Big Al. I am shocked at the behavior in there.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Unexpected

Our paths often cross with those of the wildlife out here, most frequently the cottontails. We have learned to watch out for the wildlife and consider them whenever we are working on the property. If Brad is mowing he is always to watching the ground (no daydreaming on the riding lawnmower). The pre-mowing preparations of the bunny yard take time and effort and we carefully inspect the 80' x 120' perimeter of the bunny yard looking for nests, taking extra care around the high places. We have noticed that momma cottontails seem to choose high ground. What I found this morning really surprised me and I thought I would share the pictures I took. Please note in the picture the items that Brad placed back along the fence after he mowed Sunday. I picked up the quilt that is laying on the ground with the intentions of putting it in the wash. I changed my mind when I saw what was under it. There were baby cottontails there - newborns. Momma hadn't dug a hole, no doubt because the ground is so parched it is too hard to dig. But she pulled a great deal of her hair for the nest and then pulled the quilt over it. We will be able to tell who momma is. She will be the one with large bald spots. I took a few pictures of the babies and placed the quilt back. The conditions are harsh out in the plains but momma is a resourceful one. I am already fretting about all the things that might happen to the babies but I must not move them. Even though they are so vulnerable where they are they have a better chance than they wouldwith human intervention. The wildlife experts tell us even they have a low success rate with the baby cottontails and they have the milk that is formulated especially for cottontails. Please check the House Rabbit Society's website concerning what to do if you encounter baby cottontails. Everyone please say prayers for the three babies under the quilt. The new momma could use a little help in the next 3 weeks.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Daily Exercises for Healthy Buns: Circles

Daily Exercises for Healthy Buns
presented by Goose

Exercise: Circles
Equipment Required: One person; semi-stationary preferred, but not required
Frequency: Twice daily, post breakfast and dinner
Techniques: Make sure to hum in synch with each hop for proper breathing
Cuteness Factor: High
Result: Extra treats

Thursday, August 05, 2010


"And the livings easy"
Russell is chillaxin indoors where buns belong in this heat. Course, all of the buns at Heartland live in heated/cooled warrens. This is the time of year when most backyard buns are lost. If you wanna see what it's like, put on a parka, go sit in the shade when its 100 degrees and clutch a frozen water bottle. I bet you wont last long....Neither will your furry/hairy kids. Bring them inside. You can play fun games with them like:
What do you see in the inkblots on Russell's back?
Can I tweak the bunny's tail before he jumps up?
How long and wide is the bun?
How many doots are in the jar? (Pick a number between 10 and a million)
Stay cool everyone and dont forget your animals and your people who need some cool in these extremes.