Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Wuschel Has Been Located

Approach with caution.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have You Seen A Wuschel?

Tango have you seen a Wuschel?

Tango: Yes! I have! That is one of those round chocolate cakes with the cream inside...YUM

No, Tango. That is a Whoopie Pie not a Wuschel

Tango: "Sigh" Those are delicious. can I have one please?

No you cant, those arent good for bunnies.

Tango: "Shoot!" Why did you bring it up then?

Duds have you seen a Wuschel?

Duds: OMG, yes....those are the things that come back from the dead and try to eat your BRAINS!

No Dudley, that is a Zombie not a Wuschel.

Duds: Zombies, I knew it! I knew I wouldnt be safe here.

Duds wait! There arent any.............bye Duds

Mojo have you seen a Wuschel?

Mojo: Yep, those are those creatures that wreck your house if you feed them after midnight.

No Mojo, those are Gremlins, not a Wuschel. Sheesh, what is wrong with you bunnies?

Mojo: We probably watch too much TV MOTHER!

Millie Mouse have you seen a Wuschel?

Mills: Nope but I have smelled one!

Well where is he Millie?

Millie: I put him on a bus and sent him to live with Zombies and Gremlins!

Millie that isnt nice

Millie: Meh....nice smice