Monday, October 31, 2011

Days of bunny dreams...

Yesterday (October 30, 2011) was one of those days that bring running, digging and binkys to the dreams of the Heartland rabbits. Clear, dry, crisp air and golden sunshine is almost as good as a carrot cocktail for the furred ones.

Alice surveys her domain.
Barney and Brett discuss dirt.
Barney, Frank and the 2 sassy sisters take in the air.
Pippin inspects the tunnel.
Quinn practices his fierce look.
The 'Gang of 4' contemplate escape and evasion.

One of the great treats of volunteering at Heartland is being able to watch the buns having a good time. Days like these are perfect vehicles for seeing happy rabbits. One of the more fun tasks that have to be done on good outside days is being playground referee and supervisor. For instance, the 'Gang of 4' engineered at least 5 or 6 escape tunnels and each was more carefully planned than the last. Lots of exercise for the buns and rounding up the culprits provided a good workout for the supervisor too.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

Back a few months ago Heartland took in a youngster that had been picked up by a local municipal animal control agency. The baby had been mutilated by some human who had apparently taken a pair of scissors and chopped off the ends of her ears.
Mutilated beauty.
She was rather shy at first but has since blossomed into a feisty girl who seems to be enjoying her bunnyhood. She has developed into a phenomenal digger and whenever she gets outside for playtime her energy and persistence at moving dirt is something to behold. She was presented with a small bungalow and after suitable remodeling (she had to ensure there was a backdoor on the thing), she has shown that she loves her cottage.
The baby at home.
She seems to be thriving and is obviously a beautiful being.

One of the more unpleasant things associated with rescuing those in need is the multiple instances where you are required to become aware of the dark side of human animals. Who harmed her or why they harmed her or even how they harmed this youngster will probably never be known. What is known is that somewhere there is a human with a large karmic debt weighing on their spirit.

This kiddos mutilated ears are a living advertisement attesting to the callousness of some of our fellow humans.

Her hopping, jumping, digging self is a living advertisement to the resiliency of little ones everywhere. We're glad she is here and safe and growing...and digging. We humans owe her safety and caring and much much more. Heartland can't bring back what she has lost but can give her a place to grow and thrive...and dig...and if she can find a forever family that would even be that much better.