Friday, November 11, 2011

Cuddle Time was the best

We buried our precious Gandalf one year ago today. Rather than a sad post, I'd prefer it be about the joys a bunny brings into your life. He was our first and will be the first of many.

Gandalf could always make me smile. Through deaths in the family, a painful broken foot, anything. All it took was his happy little face.

He taught us that even if we didn't see the tiny hole between the baseboards in the kitchen, he did. It was a great hiding spot for a bunny and only after pulling the stove and dishwasher out did he agree to vacate his little hiding place. It was the next day that we discovered that the dishwasher no longer worked and some wires would need to be soldered.

He taught me that getting ready work work wasn't so bad when there was a bunny around. All my dress pants are hemmed for heels and too long when barefoot and applying makeup. But this was excellent for a bunny to play with and tug on to say "pet me please."

He taught us what crepuscular really meant. The day after we welcomed him into our home he was sitting quietly in the little play area we built for him. "Did we break our bunny?" Daniel asked. Nope, he was just waiting for evening to roll around so he could complete a few zooms, hops and binkies around his new living room.

This is the bunny garden we created this past summer. This morning I left a bouquet of cilantro and carrot sticks. A few weeks ago I saw what I thought were leaves blowing in the wind so I looked out the window. Instead of leaves, what had caught my eye was a cottontail.

We are grateful for every moment we had with him in those seven years. Three apartments, my parent's house, our rent house, and finally our home. He always enjoyed the move and wide open rooms after moving out/before moving in were a favorite. A bit of sad at the end is worth the years of joy we had. A bunny is a wonderful thing.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Howard has a trusting spirit..

as you can see in this photo of him relaxing on his back while being held in my arms.
Howard takes a break...
Howard came to Heartland as a result of a call from a caring person at the OKC animal shelter. He had been found in a box that someone had dumped in a parking lot.

He is probably about two years old and appears to have some balance and/or neurological problems. His hopping and sitting is affected to the point that a senior Heartlander has dubbed him "Mr. Wobbles". He sometimes falls over when he is grooming or sitting up but he either catches himself as the fall begins or he bounces right back up. He is one of the most exuberant beings you could ever hope to meet. He is friendly you can see in the pic above...very trusting and relaxed.

This pic lets you see that he is an extremely handsome fellow and since he hasn't been neutered yet...he has an eye for the ladies and gleefully approaches any and all females he can. When he is running free he will pursue them with amazing energy but his balance difficulties make it virtually impossible that he ever can catch any of the girls...but he keeps on trying.
Howard is gloriously handsome...
He is one of the most energetic buns ever out at Heartland, when he is allowed out for some free-range time he is working at digging, chasing women or just visiting every bunny in the vicinity. It is impossible not to smile when you're around him.
Dig, dig, dig...
Heartland and even the whole planet earth is enriched by Howard being here...he is truly a treasure and a joy. Thank you Howard, for being you!