Sunday, April 16, 2006

Real Men Love Rabbits

Our eldest son, Jeff II, dropped by to visit with Connery. I would say they both found the visit relaxing.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thank You Heartland Rabbit Rescue!

Heartland Rabbit Rescue was kind enough (and very trusting (:) to allow me to contribute on the Bunny Blog. My family and I recently lost our pet rabbit, Snuffles aka Snuff. We were heartbroken and big ol' tuff guy dad blubbered like a baby. Snuff was our first rabbit and he showed us what wonderful pets rabbits can be. So, after the loss of Snuff it didn't take long to begin searching for another rabbit to be part of our family. We were truly blessed to find Heartland Rabbit Rescue. Heartland made the adoption process a wonderful experience. The care and love founder Jeannie Patterson and the volunteers show to rabbits is touching. Furthermore, this is an organization worthy of charitable support. I encourage anyone looking for a charitable work that focuses on responsible animal management meted out with compassion to consider a contribution to Heartland Rabbit Rescue.

Mr. Connery

To see more pics of Connery click here


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Off In LaLa Land

This is Forrester, one of Heartland's bunnies. Each time we open his cage he rushes to the front for loves. We oblige. Soon thereafter he zonks out. This day we petted on him extra long and he went off to lala land. I had enough time to go get the camera and take his picture before he woke up.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A piglet in another life...

T sounds so much like a little piglet when he eats that he must have been one in another life before becoming a rabbit. His little ears go back and all you see is his little round apple face making little piglet noises as he munches out. Dude doesn't make piglet noises so I always know who's snacking. I wish I had an audio file so you could hear him. They're too cute for words... :)