Friday, March 27, 2009

How smart our bunnies are!!

Nano, our friend in Germany, recently celebrated his birthday and obviously approved his presents:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Need advice!

Gabriel and I have had a little trouble lately. All he really wants is to be rubbed, and I'm happy to oblige him. The problem is that whenever I stop, even just to turn a page in my book, he starts biting the carpet. I tried holding his head to get him to stop, but now he associates that with being pet. So, it's only gotten worse. Any suggestions on how to break this habit without hurting his feelings? Thanks!

PS, here's a great, cheap bunny toy: A cardboard box with plain tissue paper! My buns love it. They're now on box #3. All I do is cut a hole in one side so they can get in easily, and Darcy creates her own holes so both bunnies can jump through and around and rip the tissue paper to shreds. A great addition is an old sheet thrown over the top to drape on the floor- my bunnies love to crawl or sleep under the sheet.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Reflections on love and marriage.

Last summer Heartland took in a large group of bunnies from the local animal shelter. They had been living together at the shelter. They had to be separated of course to prevent pregnancy and fights but in the beginning we wanted to try and put them back in a large group after they were spayed and neutered. There was ZERO cooperation on that idea. We quickly realized they would have to end up as bonded pairs rather than a big group.

The dutch bunnies above are the ultimate troublemakers. Several minor scraps ensued!!! First there was fighting, then loving, then fighting, hair pulling, more love and finally hiding. The little girl is trying to make her way into the chiminea and I think Elias is convinced he is incognito inside this cinder block. They are going to take some work!

This gorgeous couple above had a very minor smack down and then happily settled down together.
Is this one bunny with two heads? Little boy buns was binkying so hard and showing off for his lady he had quite a crash into the fence. I affectionately refer to them as Laurel and Hardy.

These two sillies had to be soul mates. Zero aggression on first meeting. Within 30 minutes he was lovingly grooming her ears and snuggling up.
It appears as if the big white kids were just waiting for their mates. It is wonderful to watch. We have a few more couples left to bond and several of them are the marauding dutchies. They are making us work for it for sure. Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed our dutch kids will decide cuddling is better than fighting!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Respect!

Mom has working a lot lately with some big white bunnies. She finds them to be so friendly and sweet. She has read in the past that black bunnies and white bunnies are the most commonly put down. Apparently there is little interest in us. Black bunnies are "boring" or "bad luck" like a black kitty and white bunnies are "scary" with their pink eyes.

What hogwash!!!!! Us black bunnies are beautiful. Ever seen a black bunny's coat sparkle in the sunlight? We are silky and have lovely fur. No bad luck with black bunnies (or black kitties for that matter) When you are thinking of adopting a buns, consider a gorgeous black bunny.

To quote a very intelligent nine year old. " The white bunnies are beautiful, their eyes sparkle like red rubies". What an observation from a child. The big whites are such sweeties. Mom would have a white in a second but fate hasn't brought one into her life. But maybe one day.

All bunnies are beautiful, every color and size. Please don't overlook us black and white bunnies. We are special too!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Puzzle of the Month - March 2009

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