Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dude's Coming Home

T was all excited to see another bunny in the house, but Dude was not to keen about coming out of his box too soon. You could almost see the thoughts floating around in T's head with every flick of his ears..."Hi, I'm T, who are you?" "I remember you! Come out and play!" "What are you doing in there?" "Why won't you come out and play, huh?"

"Well, if you won't come out, then I'll come in with you!" T proceeded to jump in and out of the box over the next hour, very confused why Dude would not come out of the box. Dude just sat there, not sure what to make of T and his persistance.

T just hung around with Dude in the box, just in case he decided to come out. He was very confused why this new bunny just wouldn't come out to play with him, when it would be oh so much fun.

Dude finally decided to come out and explore after about an hour and a half. I closed the door to the carrier once he came out and he loosened up after he realized that it wasn't as bad as he had imagined. They had fun running around the living room and following each other around. T even managed a high jump in the air in all the excitement. Quite a feat for him! They've turned out to be good friends.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Toby is the Grand Poobah of our household (five rabbits, two humans, four guinea pigs). He's a big guy, and as gentle as he can be, but he doesn't put up with guff from anyone. He's a little old man now, with bony butt and arthritis, but still holds alpha place with dignity.

Eating is very high on his list of favorite things to do, and early on he mastered the fine points of running to the fridge for treats. When we opened the fridge, he stood up on the edge of the crisper to help us select it. If we got it wrong, he would shake his head to let us know (BAD mom!). If we got it right, he would grab it and run into his room to eat it, and we felt very smart to have chosen well (GOOD mom!). It's harder for him to stand at the crisper now, but that's okay 'cause we are very well trained.

Until a few months ago, he presided over a harem of two - Cecilia and Cleopatra crossed the rainbow bridge within three months of each other. They were all best of friends, and we know he misses them, but he's the Poobah, and takes that responsibility very seriously. Every day he's here is a gift to us.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bilbo (Buster, Butter Butt) Baggins-Sears aka Abigail's Husband

Although Bilbo wasn't considered a "rescue", he was. He was in a local pet store *gag* at 5 1/2 weeks old and in an aquarium right inside the doorway standing on his hind legs begging for attention from anyone. When he let me pick him up immediately, I knew he was coming home with me. He was a tiny baby and so full of life. Although Bud protested profusely (actually it was a more than firm "NO", I took it upon myself to retreive him anyway. The people at pet stores are idiots and at that time, I was very ignorant about the care of buns. So after much research, I determined that nothing should be alone, pairs are better (goes for anything really, dogs, cats, etc.) so off we go on a wild advenure with Heartland to find Bilbo a wife. Jeannie can relate the wonderful stories of bonding. My poor little baby was even "B*tch slapped"! I was losing all hope. Then we found a spark of hope, our darlin' Abigail. After buns in a bucket going for a car ride with them coming home completely covered in urine to Abigail trying to thump him away with his very vigorous "humpty dumpty" sessions, we finally, after a couple of months, achieved success. What an adventure. My little boy has a wife! After a recent vet visit, Bilbo weighed in at 2.5 pounds. Abigail's weight isn't listed. Could it be that she refused to get on the scales and takes after her Mother-In-Law?

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Ginger and Tojo

Tojo (Checkered Giant) and Ginger (Lop) are two of our five rabbit friends. Both are Heartland bunnies, and are also known as The Twinkies, or Mr. and Mrs. Humpy.

Tojo was here as a foster child, and although we didn't know it, Ginger had chosen him as her sweetie. It was purely by accident that I discovered this.

One evening I took Tojo upstairs to run without checking first to see that Ginger was downstairs. Before I knew it, she chased him down the hall and into the corner of the bathroom! I rushed after them, sure that they were going to fight, and found them snuggled tight against each other. Ginger looked up at me with all the expression in the world - and what she said was "Mom, I love you, but you are really dense. This is MY man.

They are twin spirits, and egg each other on to create mischief.

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Honey Bunny

This is our Honey Bunny. She joined our family about a month ago. She is quite a funny bunny, too. She likes to play hide & seek, and she follows us to the kitchen hoping for a treat. She's awesome with kids, and loves to be petted. She even lets our little 15-month-old pet her. She is also the chewiest chewer! She chews everything that peaks her interest. The little stinker!



Abigail (Abber Dabber Doo, Abs, Babbie) is the new bride of our son Bilbo, a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. Abby is a rescued gorgeous Holland Lop. Bilbo (Buster, Butter Butt) was extremely lonesone and after many attempts at finding a bride decided that he loved Abby only the feeling wasn't quite mutual, yet. Herein lies the "peanut butter" saga. Once the PB was applied to Bilbo's forehead, Miss Abby proceeded to "groom" the peanut butter from Bilbo's head. It was then a love affair. He is ever so happy to have a new bride and Abby is happy as long as her Mother-In-Law (ME!) keeps her hands off of him. Should that occur, she diligently proceeds to groom him until all traces of the wicked witch is gone. She loves to be held and sang to but resists every attempt at being caught. She is a darling and has made an excellent addition to our family. Heartland, and especially Bunny Sister Jeannie have changed two little bunny's lives and we will eternally be grateful for their help and support.

Diana Sears

Yukon, Oklahoma

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Thursday, January 19, 2006


This is my bunny, Theodore. I adopted him from Heartland in the fall of 2005 and now we're a happy little family. He likes to sleep under the covers. He's a snuggle bunny, quite spoiled, but very cute!