Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anyone Interested in Making a Raffle Quilt?

Hey y'all!
Now that winter and daylight savings time is almost upon us, are you looking for a cozy winter project? If so, I'm seeking quilters or sewers to help make a quilt. I think this "Grandma's Bunnies" pattern would make a great raffle quilt raffle for Heartland. I've already got the pattern & the fabric to make it, but am lacking in time to do it all myself. And anyways, i'm sure a quilt we made together would be way cooler than a solo project. You can see some examples of a finished quilt with this pattern here and here.

So, if you are able to do an applique square or two, piece the top, or do hand or long arm quilting, please get in touch with me at, or through the comments. Fabric will be provided. Your choice of applique technique.



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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do not buy the Veggie Garden Salad. Larvae found inside.

Today I discovered what is either a nest of caterpillar larvae or some kind of insect. Either way I was completely surprised to find the entire container filled with these creatures. Here's a link to the product so you know exactly what I'm talking about:

I bought this garden bowl at Petsmart about a month ago and have been feeding a little to Patch and Alice each night. I didn't notice the problem until today but they could have been gestating deep inside a fruit or clump of hay. I'm taking the product back to Petsmart so they can contact the manufacturer.

Monday, October 05, 2009

"My Hat's Off to You...

little lady. Much obliged!"

Dear Heart of a Cowgirl,

Cowboy says it best. He is a guy of few words, but is sincere in his gratitude. We all thank you here at Heartland for your generosity and kindness. Back in the days when cowboys still roamed the prairies on horse back being neighborly was pretty much the norm. That "neighborly thing" is harder to find these days, but it's alive and well in Vail, Arizona. Your love for the bunnies encourages us greatly. Thank you Bridget.

Thank you to all who entered the raffle! And congratulations to Layla!