Sunday, July 27, 2008

And of course bunnies too!!!!!!

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Womackland impressions

I decided to copy Andrea's work. This morning I was out trying to get photos of the hummingbirds (no luck, they are too fast) and pictures of the "yard boss" who is a mockingbird that runs the show around here. No luck with her either but this is what I came up with. By the way, I never planted sunflowers. The squirrels and cardinals did it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Heartland Impressions


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Play Time

No, Mama, I won't dig up your bath rugs...


It's just a little nibble...

Mama, I can't play if you keep pointing that flashy thingy at me!

Snuggle time!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Favorite pastime!

" I hope you dont forget to post a picture of me and Cooper!"

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If you even think about plucking out any more of my fluff...

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Puzzle of the Month - July 2008

Click to Mix and Solve


Darcy & Gabe

Hi all! I thought you might like to meet Darcy and Gabe. Darcy is a Holland Lop I've had for four and a half years, and we moved to Oklahoma from Virginia about a year ago. Her best friend is her Blue Ball, but a couple of months ago I decided she needed a bunny companion. I found Heartland, and met Gabe! He's a New Zealand mix (we think), absolutely sweet, and he and Darcy instantly took to one another. Gabriel was mostly ignored for the year he lived with his former family, so now he gets nothing but spoiling. If his love of binkies and racing around the room are any indication, I'd say he's pretty happy with his new home!
This is Darcy and her Blue Ball. Blue Ball goes wherever Darcy goes. Darcy washes it, pushes it around, and sleeps next to it. Even with Gabriel around, Darcy still loves her ball. In this picture, I had put it in a hole on top of a box while I was cleaning, and Darcy jumped up to "rescue" it. A minute or two after this photo, Darcy had pushed it back onto the floor.

To the right is the first meeting! Darcy and Gabriel did pretty well the first time they met, and they were bonded in less than a week.

A couple of weeks after Gabriel joined us, we all took a trip back to Virginia to visit family. Even though it's a long drive, being in the same carrier made both bunnies much calmer. Darcy, of course, knew that Grandma's house meant treats, and Gabe quickly learned! My mom spoiled her "grandbunnies" outrageously, and now whenever I go into their room (yes, they have a bedroom all to themselves), they expect treats IMMEDIATELY.
Darcy and I love having Gabe around. Darcy likes to be pet, but is picky about it. Gabriel, however, turns into mush whenever you want to rub him, and will snuggle up next to me and push his nose under my hand. Their new favorite thing to do is to squish their noses together so I can rub them both at the same time. I love walking into their room and seeing that they've been snuggling together, or watching them race around each other while I'm getting out the treats. Yep, they're spoiled, but that's just fine with them!

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"shhhhhh....., here comes the human....

Hide!!! Be very, very still and she wont see us."


"I Like Open Spaces,"

where I can binky and run."

Faith is a newcomer here. Heartland hasn't been taking in new rabbits. There just isn't any more room. But the other day our 'emergency' spot at the end of a row was filled by this lovely soul. Our 'emergency' spot is a little extra space left over in a row of cages. We didn't want to waste that space, so Brad built a cage to fit it. Our thoughts were that we could place a Netherland Dwarf there. The cage is much too small for Faith, but we will move her to the next available open spot. We don't think she minds the small cage too much, given where she came from....

Our next-door neighbor has a friend that recently moved into a house in a small town near here. He was told by his landlord, "oh, by the way, please feed the rabbit in the hutch out back." He found out from his new neighbors that the rabbit was owned by former tenants and left behind when they moved out, saying, "she's not worth much, she stopped breeding."(*sigh*) Other short term renters came and went, with each one told to "feed the rabbit out back." One tenant before the friend of our next-door neighbor said he was tired of feeding the rabbit and was just going to eat her. (*sigh*) Our next-door neighbor told us that there are frequent coyote visitations in that area. What an ordeal for her! One of our volunteers suggested the name Faith because she had to have had a lot of it to make it through. Another volunteer has graciously provided her sponsorship and we will have her spay surgery done as soon as possible. Faith is a sweet rabbit with a gentle nature. It is amazing to us that having been treated the way that she has that she could remain so sweet. The sadness in her eyes is gradually being replaced by happiness. Oh, and can you see the binkying bunny around her eye? A sign of her inner happy bunny trying to emerge.


"Hey, What's Wrong With Shells....?,

turtles have them. If something is too scary I just hide in my shell."

Orchid's basket did have a bottom, but she took it out. And when this basket finally falls apart, we will get her another one. If we try to place her food dish by her door she grunts and pulls it right back in that shell of hers.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Me Too Dudley

"I understand how you feel. The other humans I used to know threw me away. I stayed in my shell when I first got here. But now sometimes I feel like binkying, and so I do. That's fun. The humans here don't make me do anything for love. They love me just because. And I have learned to trust the humans here. They make me feel safe. I am glad you are loved forever too."



Love Letters

Dear Momma,
Please dont ever stop loving me!!!! I know I am aloof and hide from you a lot. I cant help myself. It's hard for me to trust humans. I cant explain to you in words why I act the way I do and why I only show affection to my girls but I DO love you momma!!! I just cant really show you how. Dont ever send me away like the first human that had me. I get to snuggle with my ladies and always have plenty of nice things to eat. My house is big and I get to come out often. You never yell at me when I nibble on your books and you dont pick me up. Can I trust you to keep me around even if I am not friendly and seldom binky? I want to stay here with Mojo and Tango forever. Please!

My dearest Dudley buns,
Momma would NEVER send you away because you arent as outgoing as the others. The person who said that to momma was an idiot. You must never ever worry that momma doesnt understand why you are the way you are. Momma knows that bunnies can have a really hard time in life. They are misunderstood and need a lot of patience and respect. I know you dont trust humans and I dont blame you. You were born and raised in chaos and noise with lots of scary things happening around you all the time. I want you to have a happy and secure life with your girls and only binky when you feel like it. Momma will never yell at you, hit you or make you afraid of her hands. You have no idea how much I love you. You can hide all you want and nibble all the books momma has. Not all bunnies are the same but all of them are special and you are too. Stop worrying so much. You are here to stay!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fightin' Blinds

This morning I was watching Dandi fighting with the wicked blinds in our living room. As you can see, she had managed to "dip" one of them nicely into the litterbox so momma has something to clean. The rest of the blinds proved to be obstinate, though. Everytime she tried to flick them outta her way, the darn things flew back into her face. Queen Bee was not amused.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008


Hello everbody,
Heartland Rabbit Rescue will hold a yard sale in Oklahoma City on Saturday, July 19th from 8 AM - 4 PM. The address is 5801 NW 82nd Street.

Dig through your closets - we'll be happy to take anything off your hands you don't need anymore ... :-) Donations are more than welcome and should best be dropped off at the above address. Otherwise you can drop them off at Heartland. Please call us at (405) 830-4646.
If you're living in the OKC area, we would love to see you at the yard sale. We will also have tons of rabbit information, Heartland merchandise, and adorable hand-crafted baby items.


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